November 23, 2019
A Star to Dyllis
November 28, 2019

“Eddy: The Trial of Edgar Allan Poe for the Murder of Mary Rogers” by  Nancy NielsenTodd Nielsen

Was Edgar Allan Poe a murderer?

“I could not love except where death was mingling his with beauty’s breath, or hymen, time and destiny were stalking between her and me.” –Edgar Allan Poe

Shamanic Healer Denise Riley and her criminal defense attorney husband Alan open the door to a mysterious stranger and are unwittingly drawn to another time to battle for the soul of Edgar Allan Poe. A rollicking and romantic paranormal romp concludes with an electrifying trial to decide the fate of America’s greatest author.

Who was Poe’s “bipart soul”? Was famed cigar girl Mary Rogers his secret lover, his own lost Ulalume? Did Edgar Allan Poe murder the real life heroine of one of his most famous short stories?

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