Darkness Settles

August 25, 2021
September 10, 2021

“Darkness Settles: This Is My Rebirth” by Gail Marie

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There is nothing more terrifying than realizing there is no hope.

Overcoming a traumatizing childhood, abuse and toxic relationships to face a bright and successful future only to be diagnosed with Huntington’s disease is a cruel joke fate played.

This is Gail’s story delivered to you in a four-part heart wrenching series of poems, allowing you to see the world through her eyes.

Huntington’s disease is a cruel and hopeless disease without a cure. It affects not only the body and nervous system, degrading movement and learning, but as an added surprise, it’s genetic.

Watching her mother suffer with the horrible disease, Gail and her siblings suffered the abuse of her narcissistic, sadistically cruel father, a stepmother who may have been worse, and a toxic ex-boyfriend.

As horrific as this sounds, her story ends in hope, survival and inner peace.

Join Gail as she illuminates the darkness, finding her inner peace and rising above it all to eventually have a spiritual rebirth!
Please Be Advised (TW/CW), this book contains both sensitive and traumatic content..

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