Corporate Torsos Need Not Apply

Shocking Swapping!
July 20, 2020
Famously In Love
July 22, 2020

“Corporate Torsos Need Not Apply” by JR Pomerantz

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Bob’s day started with a dead colleague and ended with a mysterious, irritating stranger. Now his whole world is upside-down.

Something’s going wrong at Market, Research, Incorporated, and it’s not just the extra comma in the name. Alice’s coworkers are losing their minds and their body parts and her mom’s ghost comes calling. All Alice wants to do is pay the mortgage on time.

Soon Bob and Alice discover everything they think they know about life in Nu Jersey is wrong. They’re swept up in a ’round-the-world chase that reveals long-hidden mysteries of human creation and destiny. The secret at the center of their ailing market research firm is destroying their minds and their bodies.

Can they survive long enough to stop it from destroying the planet?

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