July 13, 2022
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July 30, 2022

“Copyright for Creatives: A Comprehensive Guide to Copyright Law for Creative People Who Make Stuff” by Evan M. Butterfield

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Written for creative people like you, this book will help you better understand how to protect your work at a time when creativity is especially vulnerable to copying & theft!

“Copyright for Creatives” is a practical, real-world-oriented look at how copyright law specifically impacts creative people, written with them in mind. It’s designed to address the concerns, challenges, and copyright interests of makers: artists, crafters, dancers, writers, hobbyists, photographers, multimedia content creators, musicians, and more—all sorts of creative people who create things. The book values all creative work equally, and provides common-sense guidance that can be quickly applied by creative individuals  to ensure that not only is their work protected, but that they don’t violate other peoples’ intellectual property rights along the way.

“Copyright for Creatives” is consistently accessible and application-oriented, and includes an overview of the registration process, copyright-related terms of service of the major social media platforms, and quick, relevant discussions of trademark/patent protection and open access alternatives. If you’re a creative person, this book is for you.
A lot of books about copyright are full of dull old discussions of dull old laws. Even the few books that focus on the needs of creators tend to limit themselves to a single creative expression.

“Copyright for Creatives” is different.

In addition to covering copyright law, Copyright for Creatives focuses specifically on over 45 unique creative activities, from architecture to writing; from computer programs to needlework. Whether you’re a graphic artist or a content creator on social media, Copyright for Creatives has something to say about how to use copyright law to protect your hard work.

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