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April 20, 2021
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May 2, 2021

“Common Life Problem with Solution (Part 1): Solve your problem, make your life easier” by Mohiuddin Sarker

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We are human beings. We learn to move slowly from birth. Then we start our education. Many of us face many problems in our student life. After finishing our studies, we rush for a job. In the meanwhile we often get frustrated. We get into a lot of trouble. Sometimes we break down mentally.

There are many problems involved in human life. Where there are problems, there are solutions. I have faced many problems in my life. I have also learned how to overcome those problems.

Many people are more upset about small things.

All of our problems are the same. Problems are forever and we can’t avoid them. I will share with everyone how I solve my various problems. In this book, I have identified some common areas where you will most likely face problems as you make progress towards reaching your full life potential.

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