March 1, 2019



| Website | “Become Warrior Fit. A quick guide to stop being a little bitch and ignite the alpha in you” is a first book of the series. It gives you step by step guide on how to get motivated and stay motivated. In this book, I explain how to deal with the good and the bad days, I also explain how to set you goals, habits and priorities. This guide is addressed at everyone, aimed at men and women, young or old, the advice is coming from my experience and of many others. I know a lot of people who would like to become warrior fit but maybe don’t know how or are missing motivation.  We are all going throw rough times in our lives. I want everyone to be able to kick ass, instead of fighting depression and anxiety. I’m really hoping that advice in this book will help a lot of people around the world getting back on their feet and live the life they always wanted.


February 6, 2019

The Spirit-Soul-Body Healing Series

"The Spirit-Soul-Body Healing Series: Volume I: The Body Was Made for Expression" by Chaplain Michele

The Personal Happiness Game -- A Thoughtful Pathway to Happiness? “The Personal Happiness Game” is the first in a series of books leading readers to a more rewarding, peaceful and contented life. This eye-opening discussion stresses the importance of the spirit, soul and body connection. Independent, yet highly interdependent, each of these vital elements of your being must be collectively nourished and nurtured. Only when you take personal responsibility for your own happiness can each of these work together to help you achieve true and lasting happiness. You don’t want to miss this essential first installment in the Spirit-Soul-Body Healing Series by Chaplain Michele.


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January 14, 2019

Look Within, Find Your Path, Live Your Truth

"Look Within, Find Your Path, Live Your Truth" by The Awaken Wave

Is your life all it can be? Do you want to live the best one possible? Are there certain areas that could do with having changes made? Life is there for all of us to make the most of. Unfortunately, many of us tend to concentrate on a single aspect of it that requires work and we focus on making that better, sometimes to the detriment of all the other myriad strands which make up our personal lives. In this book, Look Within, Find Your Path, Live Your Truth, you will learn about the whole life experience and how you can improve it across the board, through chapters about: • Practicing gratefulness • The universal law of attraction • Using your gifts • Making sure your diet is a healthy one • Yoga and exercise • Meditation and the field of consciousness • Understanding Feng Shui • And much more… Understanding that there are many aspects to our life is often the first step towards a much better, healthier and happier one, and it all begins by examining ourselves. Get a copy of this amazing book today and set yourself on the path that will change your life for good!


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January 3, 2019

Self Esteem for Teens

"Self Esteem for Teens" by Maria van Noord

The 6 proven methods to become confident and double your success in dating and relationships [fancy_link title="Play Sample" link="" target="_blank" style="1" class=""] You see the perfect guy or girl, but every time you try to say something, you get paralyzed by your thoughts and doubts. Or maybe you are the type of boy or girl who always tries to avoid conflict because you don't want to hurt others.  Do you doubt yourself a lot? If someone makes a joke about you, does it feel like a ton of bricks fell on you? Are you are always seeking for approval from your friends to feel good? These are signs of a low self-esteem. You might believe you are born like this and that others were lucky to be born more confident. That this is just the way you are, and there is nothing you can do about it. But pay attention. Did you know that a lot of famous artists like Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga once suffered from a low self-esteem but worked their way out of it? You can do the same as they did. In Self Esteem for Teens, you will discover: After applying the above, the following can happen: 

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