May 7, 2019

Dear Spiritual Sis, Girl You Know You Got This

"Dear Spiritual Sis, Girl You Know You Got This" by Dominique Chery

The author finds great joy in creating content with candor and transparency about her life with Anxiety and Depression. In this short book, she sheds some light on her self-care rituals and how she maintains her soulful glow.


May 5, 2019

The Long Walk together

"The Long Walk together - man an dogs through History" by Tom Ambrose

| Website | Facebook | Men and dogs have shared adventures since earliest times.There have been royal dogs such as Queen Marie Antoinette’s little spaniel, Thisbe or Lord Byron’s giant Newfoundland, Boatswain. Pet dachshunds such as Picasso’s Lump or William Randolf Hearst’s, Helen. Dogs have crossed the USA on foot in exploring the Louisiana purchase or in an early car with one dog, Laika, even going into space. Dogs like Rin Tin Tin, Toto and Lassie have starred in films. In Europe, giant St Bernard’s have rescued travellers in the mountains. Owning a dog became an essential PR tool in the USA and nearly every president has had one. Dogs have followed man to war including Prince Rupert’s Boye or the famous American Sergeant Stubby or the black poodle, Moustache in the Napoleonic wars. Above all it is the fidelity of dogs to man that most impresses, such as the loyal Shep in Montana during the Great Depression and Hachiko who, like Greyfriars Bobby, remained loyal even after his Japanese master had died. All are here in this tribute to the unique bond of friendship between man and dog.


April 29, 2019

Creating the Life You Want

"Creating the Life You Want: The Science Behind the Law of Attraction and The Secret" by Lance Abrims

The author Lance Abrims uses his Time Wave of Experience theory of quantum science to take your through the steps to manifesting a new moment, designed to your specifications. This short read is a powerful tool that will take you from 0-60 MPH when it comes to using the Law of Attraction. When we learn and teach the Law of Attraction, it is easy to get caught up in the wants without paying sufficient attention to the hows that makes the LOA work. As each of us gets our minds around the physics of what makes a moment in time actually form, the better prepared we are to take action steps towards improving our next moment. Using Time Waves to attain the life we want, we are living by Lance's motto, "Living by Design, Not By Default" which is how the vast majority of the world lives their lives. But we can do it differently. We can be more exact.

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April 5, 2019

The Amazing Afterlife of Animals

"The Amazing Afterlife of Animals" by Karen A. Anderson

| Facebook | Twitter | Bestseller & Winner of 16 National and International Literary Awards Karen A. Anderson Are you struggling with the loss of a beloved pet? Have painful feelings of grief or guilt overwhelmed you? The loss of a pet is not only heart wrenching it is often more difficult than anything else we have ever experienced. Your pet has been there for you through good times and bad. They are your best friend, your confidant, your buddy. When that final moment arrives and you must say goodbye, the world as you know it comes to an end. Everything changes and life going forward is now empty and so very lonely without them. They are gone forever it seems. Or are they? Questions burn in your mind as you wonder what happens to your pets after they die. Did I make the right choices? Is there another realm where they coexist with my other departed pets or human loved ones? Do the pets I've had to euthanize forgive me? Did they struggle or were they in pain? Was it their time to die? Did I let them go too soon? Read actual messages from departed animals revealing detailed insights about what they experience at the end of their lives. Discover how pets feel about death, euthanasia, cremation, reincarnation and so much more. You are and always have been the most important person in the world to your pets If you are grieving the loss of your beloved pet the uplifting and insightful messages within these chapters will help you break through your grief, being healing, and start living a full and purposeful life again knowing you are and always will be connected with your departed pets. Award-winning Animal Communicator and Afterlife Expert, Karen Anderson, unveils tantalizing evidence that our pets communicate with us throughout their lives as well as after their physical death. Will this evidence prove that our pets continue to send us messages and signs from the Other Side? You be the judge. The purity and detailed accuracy of the animals' messages may surprise you and they may even present new perspectives about life after death. Discover how deeply your pets love you and how the bonds of love never die as you journey into the amazing afterlife of animals. What messages await you?