Science Fiction & Fantasy

July 1, 2019

Joe Dexter Prisoner Zero

“Joe Dexter Prisoner Zero” by Steve Schild | Website | Due to new weapons and technology, a power-hungry organization took control of Earth in 2150. The […]
July 17, 2019

Brothers of Magic

Get Your Copy FREE! For Limited Time! “Brothers of Magic: Return of the Wizard” by Andrew Ritchie | Website | In Aldora, magic is real. Long […]
July 21, 2019

Bringer of Light

“Bringer of Light (The Otherworld Series Book 1)” by Josefina Gutierrez  Kyra Staar is a seventeen-year-old working for The Light Gentry. They were overtaken by a […]
July 29, 2019

HipHop Bully

“HipHop Bully” by George Goins III aka Cocky Streetz Hiphop Bully is focused on a kid that has a dream of owning his own record company […]