Science Fiction & Fantasy

February 14, 2019

Virtue and Vengeance

"Virtue and Vengeance: Empire of Cinders" by M.A. Liguori

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | The capital city of the Anirian Empire simmers with unrest. The emperor stands as the last scion of the imperial dynasty, but at sixteen, the boy is powerless against an oppressive regent who seeks to tighten his hold on the throne. As sides are drawn and conspiracies are set into motion, six individuals emerge to carve a foothold for their own ambitions . . .  A self-exiled warrior fueled by vengeance. A lowborn courtesan driven to rule. A once powerful general turned reclusive cripple. A gifted strategist intent on treachery. An idle hero and his honor-bound brother... Dive into the epic Empire of Cinders today!


February 10, 2019

War and Money

"War and Money: Book One" by Sofia Diana Gabel

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Daxella Rose Orwan is low-status, and a non-conformist, designators that place her at risk for being too outspoken about the ongoing alien wars. Surprisingly, she’s recruited into the Global Forces and placed in the worst squadron to fight on the moon against the Katarga aliens. Nobody returns from the moon. During training, she discovers something insidious about the wars and Global Command. The only way to save the aliens and humanity is to reveal the truth, but gruff Commander Viteri has slated her to be killed in battle. With her new squad of friends, and an allied alien, Dax might stand a chance of saving the world from itself, if she can manage to survive long enough.


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February 4, 2019

Evil Tech Support

"Evil Tech Support" by Henry Andrew Wong

Kip unlocks spaceship features for criminal callers who can afford evil tech support. When he boards a one-way drone ship for the mines of Alpha Scepter, he is entangled in a conspiracy reaching the far boundaries of charted space. Leandra and Bixby have been interstellar fugitives since uncovering a terrible secret at Laramy Orbital. Only their inventions can challenge the corporation's ascension to galactic supremacy, but they need a compatible test subject to proceed. When a mysterious guest arrives at their hideout, Leandra is forced to make a choice that will decide the fate of a scattered humanity in the cosmos.


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February 1, 2019


"AGARTHAN TALES Book 1: The Decision" by Demelza Frazer

Erika has always felt there was more to life than her mundane existence, so when her carefully constructed life falls apart, she embarks on a journey that takes her to an alternate reality that will teach her the meaning of love and sacrifice. But what will Erika sacrifice for love?


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