Science Fiction & Fantasy

July 17, 2019

Brothers of Magic

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"Brothers of Magic: Return of the Wizard" by Andrew Ritchie

| Website | In Aldora, magic is real. Long ago a war raged between two massive wizard armies, the Zandles, and the Ardoors. To stop the Zandles, the Ardoors created a non-magical world, Earth, and cast the Zandles away- where they would no longer be a threat. Moreover, the key to Earth was safely stowed away where no one could find it. Fast forward thousands of years into the future, the evil wizard, King Zvar, has been searching for the key- and has finally found it! By summoning Arik and Drake to Aldora, the unknowing owners, he plots to steal the key and merge Earth and Aldora back together- so he can cast a powerful mind control spell and rule over all! New to Aldora, neither Arik nor Drake know the other is even there, how, or even why. All Drake knows is that monsters stole his fiancé, and by any means necessary, he will save her, including fighting monsters with his new god-like strength. Arik learns he is a wizard, but must master his abilities before he can be of any help. Will Arik learn how to use his new powers to protect the key from falling into Zvar's grasp? Will Drake's new strength be enough to save his fiancé before it is too late? Read the first book in the series, Brothers of Magic: Return of the Wizard, to find out!


July 1, 2019

Joe Dexter Prisoner Zero

"Joe Dexter Prisoner Zero" by Steve Schild

| Website | Due to new weapons and technology, a power-hungry organization took control of Earth in 2150. The clone research has produced something evil which the world has never seen before. But an event in 2016 could change everything! This book is about the future. What if humanity had not learned anything from the history? What would the world look like? Could a little resistance group with the help of two time travelers from 2016, save the world, humanitarianism and the future? The book covers several topics like time travel, new technologies, patriotism, solidarity and that we must learn from the history. Otherwise if we don't, history will repeat itself and maybe it`s going to be worse than ever before! "A really interesting and exciting book, written by a Mars One Astronaut candidate about the future of humanity and what happens if we learn nothing from our history!


June 27, 2019

The Winghunter

"The Winghunter (Sylphae Chronicles)" by L.E. Parr

A short introduction to the Sylphae Chronicles. An old soldier who spent a lifetime fighting the winged sylphae faces a new destiny where the enemy becomes friend.

About the Author

L.E.Parr is a fantasy author from the Pacific Northwest. Her friends call her the Mother of Fairies since her protagonists are often winged women.  The author writes what she likes to read, strong female characters who thrive on adventure.


June 21, 2019

Brain Drain

"Brain Drain" by Michael Mathiesen

| Website | In a Galaxy not very far away, there once existed a beautiful blue planet which the local inhabitants started to use as a giant trash bin, scattering their refuse and their excrement into the oceans and the atmosphere by the millions of tons every day. Though they lost species near and dear to them every day, sadly, their suicidal, self-destructive behavior continued unchecked for centuries. The most intelligent of the life forms on this planet, at the top of their game, had more and more evidence piling up every day that told them that their planet was dying and that they were the cause, and yet they did nothing from the top down to stop it. They were so busy inside their own heads, they could not or would not heed the warnings that they continually saw happening around them. They were all doomed and many had even come to accept their fate. They gave up trying to solve their greatest problems and instead started to revel in their excesses that made things worse. They surrendered to the political reality of their day. They succumbed to the mindless drum beat of the advertisements for greed all around them.