Religion & Spirituality

May 24, 2019

Finding God In Abandoned Places

"Finding God In Abandoned Places" by Michelle M Yost

Finding God in Abandoned Places is a collection of Christian short stories, largely inspired by a desire to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit, anytime and anywhere in our modern world. Each story is a reflective, thought-provoking piece on how God speaks to us daily through his word, and how to build upon that for richer spiritual insights -This engrossing anthology of stories includes: -The Abandoned Game Show Set -The Abandoned Prison -The Abandoned Bookstore -The Abandoned Funeral Home -The Abandoned Escape Room -The Abandoned Cabin


May 18, 2019

Understanding the Fear of the Lord

"Understanding the Fear of the Lord: The Importance of Walking in the Light (the Word series Book 3)" by Paul Halbeck

Understanding and abiding in “the fear of the Lord,” is an essential kingdom concept and is beneficial for both the believer and the unbeliever alike. However, the world throughout the ages has been misleading people teaching only Bible doctrine.Whereby this fallen world that we live in runs on various degrees of fear, therefore it has become far too easy to ascribe some kind of a fearful concern towards God, our Creator.This book will walk you through the scriptures concerning this subject and present to you how scripture defines “the fear of the Lord.”“The fear of the Lord,” is not meant to be a scary thing, even Jesus, in His earthly ministry operated under the concept of “the fear of the Lord”, Isaiah 11:1-3.The book first defines what the phrase “the fear of the Lord,” means, by looking at the scripture references. Pointing out what they say and don't say. For the definition of “the fear of the Lord,” is to hate evil, Proverbs 8:13. Showing also how this foundational concept perfectly aligns itself with scriptures and kingdom concepts for today. The book then treads of some common but wrong teaching that has lead the church astray from placing an importance on the true concept of hating evil and fleeing from evil. Equivalent New Testament concerns are then addressed as well as looking into kingdom issues alone with the truth that God is the only Lawgiver.Then to give this teaching a practical application, of how we can position ourselves to abide in “the fear of the Lord.” We take a look at how scripture defines what evil is. This nicely comes together and gives further understanding on how we can make it happen and began to walk in “the fear of the Lord.”


May 7, 2019

Dear Spiritual Sis, Girl You Know You Got This

"Dear Spiritual Sis, Girl You Know You Got This" by Dominique Chery

The author finds great joy in creating content with candor and transparency about her life with Anxiety and Depression. In this short book, she sheds some light on her self-care rituals and how she maintains her soulful glow.


April 24, 2019

Dani: Throwaway Child

"Dani: Throwaway Child: The True Story of Dani's Journey from Abuse to Freedom" by B D Ethington

A Busy Mom, a New Minister, Repressed Memories, and an Abuser Still on the Loose . . . Dani experienced horrible nightmares and didn’t know what they meant. Almost at the point of giving up, she turned to her minister and found someone who could help her unlock the mystery behind the nightmares. They pieced together Dani’s hidden past until they came to one horrible realization. . . She was still in danger. Masterfully written, reads like a suspense novel, you won’t want to put it down until the last page. This true story will make you cringe, cry, get mad, want to hurt her abusers, and leave you wondering how one person could live through so much abuse and not go crazy. As the story unfolds, you will be led through a trail of abuse beginning at an early age and the courageous fight of a young woman to get away from her abuser.