May 14, 2019

Family Poetry

"Family Poetry" by Hunter Lynn

| Website | YouTube | A well-crafted look at family and how we interact with each other. This book will touch everyone who has a family. Divided into two sections, Family Poetry takes us through a heartfelt journey touching on subjects such as attempted suicide, illness, accidents, love, hate, death, most of all, the unshakable bond of family. Filled with both poetry and short stories, Family Poetry is a celebration of both the heart and of unconditional love.


February 26, 2019

Feelings with a Broken Heart

"Feelings with a Broken Heart: Poetry" by Dahveed McKinney

Some people fall in love, some people leave with a broken heart, some people become lost. It's okay to feel vulnerable with someone; it's what makes us human, but in the end love should not be a feeling of you being alone. Someone is always there to relate to you, through these words I hope you relate to people who have feelings with a broken heart.


February 20, 2019

Strange Cars in the Night

"Strange Cars in the Night" by Eric Keegan

| Website | Twitter | Instagram | Strange Cars in the Night is a savage debut poetry collection that moves at breakneck speed, written in the taste of a modern-day Hunter S. Thompson. It continues to unfurl Eric's stream of conscious writing style onto the page and depicts an almost hallucinogenic recounting of what happens every night when the moon comes out to play.


January 27, 2019

More to Life

"More to Life" by Jacob Lasher

| Facebook | Twitter | More To Life centers on the highs and lows of mental illness. Through brave and vulnerable poetry, Jacob shares original works to convey a clear perspective of how one's upbringing can influence his or her future. More to Life is honest and personal, which Jacob hopes to connect with readers who have been through similar situations. This is a book he needed when he was younger.


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