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July 17, 2019

Brothers of Magic

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"Brothers of Magic: Return of the Wizard" by Andrew Ritchie

| Website | In Aldora, magic is real. Long ago a war raged between two massive wizard armies, the Zandles, and the Ardoors. To stop the Zandles, the Ardoors created a non-magical world, Earth, and cast the Zandles away- where they would no longer be a threat. Moreover, the key to Earth was safely stowed away where no one could find it. Fast forward thousands of years into the future, the evil wizard, King Zvar, has been searching for the key- and has finally found it! By summoning Arik and Drake to Aldora, the unknowing owners, he plots to steal the key and merge Earth and Aldora back together- so he can cast a powerful mind control spell and rule over all! New to Aldora, neither Arik nor Drake know the other is even there, how, or even why. All Drake knows is that monsters stole his fiancé, and by any means necessary, he will save her, including fighting monsters with his new god-like strength. Arik learns he is a wizard, but must master his abilities before he can be of any help. Will Arik learn how to use his new powers to protect the key from falling into Zvar's grasp? Will Drake's new strength be enough to save his fiancé before it is too late? Read the first book in the series, Brothers of Magic: Return of the Wizard, to find out!


July 9, 2019


"Kakorrhaphiophobia" by Chris DeVito

One instant. A single flash of twisted metal and steel is all it takes to shatter Jennifer’s life forever. The drunk driver took her husband’s life but she lives on. Depression. Survivor guilt. Anxiety. They all take their hold like a vice grip. Jennifer has gone from being an investment banker in Manhattan and having nerves of steel, to not being able to perform the simplest tasks without feeling the most crippling fear. To escape her despair and anxiety, she has moved to a small southern town where she sits alone in the new house she has made her prison. So she can avoid people and the panic they now bring. She thought she knew fear, she thought she knew terror, until she hears the loud knocking at her front door. But the real horror may already be inside...


June 30, 2019

The Caterer

"The Caterer: How a Cat Survived Richard III" by Rachael Dickzen

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | In 1483 England, the Wars of the Roses continue to rage. After a failed rebellion against King Richard III, rebel Henry Wyatt is thrown into prison, interrogated, tortured, and starved. All looks bleak, until Wyatt befriends a curious cat. Can his new feline friend help him survive the Tower of London? Based on historical records dating back to 1538, The Caterer tells the gripping story of a life-saving friendship in the darkest of circumstances. Stay tuned for more stories from the Cats of History series!


June 21, 2019

Call Numbers

"Call Numbers" by Syntell Smith

| Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads | “The not so quiet life of librarians…” Life is a book… and every person is a chapter. Everything’s looking up for Robin Walker. It’s 1994 in New York City, and he’s been transferred downtown to the 58th Street Branch Library. Ready to move up the ladder, Robin is excited about the opportunities that await him. But success, personal or professional, is as elusive as a first-edition rare book. Robin struggles with his strange new work environment as this motley crew of employees generates more drama than a runaway bestseller. He doesn’t know who to believe – or who to let in. And as potential romance mingles with devious machinations, there’s no telling where Robin’s story will go. All he knows is that he must see it through to the very last page. Call Numbers is a captivating and multilayered adult drama. Through realistic dialogue and situations, author Syntell Smith has crafted a modern-day classic about the trials and tribulations of adulthood. Because a library is usually the last place you’d expect high drama, but for these characters…it’s long overdue.