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April 3, 2019

Living a Day At a Time

"Living a Day At a Time: How To Beat Depression For Good" by Zurab Kherodinashvili

Do you or someone you know, suffer from depression? Does it consume your life and thoughts and make it impossible for you to be happy? Do you want to change and heal and banish it forever? When depression strikes it can cause numerous problems, ranging from minor inconveniences to much darker and inescapable thoughts. Finding a way to live your life when you are faced with depression can be a challenge when trying to look to the future but the answer could lie much closer to home. In this book, Living a Day at a Time: Beating Depression for Good, you will find that taking small steps is most probably the best way to beat the depression you suffer from and this is covered in a range of advice on things like: -Finding your life purpose -Being happy -The power of the mind -Positivity -Meditation and mindfulness -Learning to love yourself -Focus -And much more… Written in short stories, of real people who overcame the odds, Living a Day at a Time focuses on what we can do to help ourselves to beat the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness that depression brings. Using only your own mind, thoughts and positivity, it can work for you too and this book will show you exactly how!


March 29, 2019

Remembering Alzheimer’s

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"Remembering Alzheimer's: A Husband Bears Witness to His Wife's Caregiving" by Kevin Lewis

From 2003 through 2014, Kevin's wife Rebecca became and served as the caregiver for her mother who suffered from Alzheimer's. Kevin decided to put into writing the experiences and lessons that marked their journey through those years. It provides personal insights and advice. It also gives the view of a spouse who realized in retrospect what he was blind to and what he would have done differently.


March 18, 2019

Clear Skin and Nutrition

"Clear Skin and Nutrition" by Aydrene Williams

| Website | I myself have suffered from adult acne for many years. This is what peaked my interested in finding out more about how foods affect my skin. Not only for that reason but my interest in the medicinal properties of food started when I studied nutrition in university, ever since then I have been obsessed with the magical properties of vitamins and minerals. There is no one miracle product it’s a combination of the right nutrients both topically and internally and this is what I would like to explore in this book to help you over come acne.


March 1, 2019



| Website | “Become Warrior Fit. A quick guide to stop being a little bitch and ignite the alpha in you” is a first book of the series. It gives you step by step guide on how to get motivated and stay motivated. In this book, I explain how to deal with the good and the bad days, I also explain how to set you goals, habits and priorities. This guide is addressed at everyone, aimed at men and women, young or old, the advice is coming from my experience and of many others. I know a lot of people who would like to become warrior fit but maybe don’t know how or are missing motivation.  We are all going throw rough times in our lives. I want everyone to be able to kick ass, instead of fighting depression and anxiety. I’m really hoping that advice in this book will help a lot of people around the world getting back on their feet and live the life they always wanted.