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March 23, 2019

The Basic Art of Experiencing Venice

"The Basic Art of Experiencing Venice: Tastes, Sights and Sounds" by Maria Liberati

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Experience the beauty of Venice Italy through travel, food, history with Gourmand World Award Winning Author Maria Liberati. This book is a Venice 'staycation' in a book, the perfect way to bring a taste of Venice to your home with traditonal dishes like Risi e Bisi (rice and peas), Polenta with Broccoli Rabe and Fontina Cheese, Scampi alla Busara, Seafood Salad, Seafood Spaghetti and more. Learn how to order a coffee in Venice and a mini primer on Venetian wines. Released on the first day of Spring 2019 to celebrate one of Venice famous natives Antonio Vivaldi and his Four Seasons concerto of Spring.


March 15, 2019

What You Must Know About Debt and Saving Money

"What You Must Know About Debt and Saving Money" by James Rudd

Managing money is not an easy thing with so many things to do in life like having a Family, maintaining a job, keep track of after work activates, and shopping. If you really want to stop struggling with money and get ahead financially, you must know how to budget. We all dream of retirement and most of us do not even sit down with a financial professional to do some retirement planning. This is not a good thing. But there is hope in the book. There is no doubt that money is important in our lives but it should not rule over us. We all know it is important to budget, save, and do some investing for the future so you can live out your right retirement plan. If you want to quit your job one day and enjoy retirement then this book is a must read.


March 13, 2019

Investment Property

"Investment Property: Make Money through Real Estate Investing: How to Make Money through Real Estate Investing" by The Midnight Dream Publishing

This book talks about how you can make money through investing in properties. The start of the book talks about the essential information you will need to know about the real estate market. The following chapter talks about the basic things and people you need to get started. The book also talks about the different ways that you can earn money from real estate investing. This includes renting properties out or buying and selling them for a profit. The last two chapters talk about the process of buying and selling your first property. The process of buying and selling properties is simple. These chapters will help you avoid mistakes that may cost you money.


March 12, 2019


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"PASSIVE INCOME: The Ultimate Guide to Wealth and Financial Freedom" by Crystal WHITE

| Facebook | Twitter | Are you looking for ways to create Wealth and Financial freedom? Do you believe that there are ways to make money while you sleep? Do you want to spend more time with your family and friends? If you answer “YES!” to all of the above, then this book is perfectly written and designed to guide you achieve your goal in due time. This Book contains proven steps on how to earn passive income via internet. If you wish to get rich and create wealth, you have to understand the different ways in which you can generate extra income other than your present job. It is a common fact that the working class is a slave to the money while the rich simply make money their slave. The key to creating wealth, therefore, lies in the truth behind this.