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March 18, 2019

Clear Skin and Nutrition

"Clear Skin and Nutrition" by Aydrene Williams

| Website | I myself have suffered from adult acne for many years. This is what peaked my interested in finding out more about how foods affect my skin. Not only for that reason but my interest in the medicinal properties of food started when I studied nutrition in university, ever since then I have been obsessed with the magical properties of vitamins and minerals. There is no one miracle product it’s a combination of the right nutrients both topically and internally and this is what I would like to explore in this book to help you over come acne.


November 20, 2018

Ketogenic Diet: 30 recipes

"Ketogenic Diet: 30 recipes selected to zero carbohydrates, lose weight fast, lose fat and reactivate the metabolism" by Roberta Nomato

Ketogenic Diet: In this revolutionary book, you will find a unique weekly scheme and 30 recipes selected for you with a different daily menu every day to quickly reactivate your metabolism, even the laziest one!! With your "guide book," you will lose body fat in a short time without side effects but with only physical and mental benefits, data from targeted products which are easy to buy; you will also find several vegetarian recipes and more and a guide on food to avoid. Discover the real ketogenic diet exclusively: the most discussed and effective of the moment.


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September 27, 2018

Plant Based Diet For Beginners

"Plant Based Diet For Beginners: 40 Days Program To Have A Healthier, Energetic, Youthful Body, Fun And Straight Forward Approach For All Ages (Weight Loss ... ,Nutrition, Burn Fat, Crush Your Cravings)" by Ella Morallos

Start the 40 days program today and find out the easy secret to convert your health and live a prosperous life This book has actionable information on how to follow a plant based diet for up to 40 days to ensure you have a healthier, energetic and youthful body.  The plant based diet is increasingly becoming popular thanks to the many good things that come with following such a diet such as better weight loss, heart health, remedy for hypertension, type II diabetes, inflammation as well as high blood cholesterol among other things.  Whatever your reason is for following a plant based diet, I know it can feel overwhelming to go all in; how are you going to live without animal products like meats, eggs, dairy and others when they are necessary ingredients in many of the foods we take today?  Well, the truth is that it will take quite a bit of adjusting to follow a plant based diet fully. However, with the help of this book, you will soon get all in within just 40 days! This book will provide an easy to follow, systematic approach on how to follow a plant based diet to ensure you succeed at it.  Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn... Day 1-Day 7: Add To Your Diet Day 7-Day 14: Start Transitioning Day 14-Day 21: Fully Transition Day 21-Day 28: Upgrade The Diet Day 28-Day 40: Develop Supporting Habits Plant Based Diet Recipes To Get You Started And Much ,Much More


August 15, 2018

Mod Gourmand

"Mod Gourmand" by Curtis A. McConnell

A 21st-century guide to home cooking blending contemporary and traditional culinary tools and techniques using the Mod Gourmand recipe structure to create 1000's of main and side dishes

Whether you've cooked for years, or never at all, Mod Gourmand is your guide to becoming an outstanding contemporary cook. Everything you need to know is explained, including the building blocks for creating your own recipes, a step by step cooking system for converting your ideas into reality, and how to use the affordable contemporary culinary tools that make it possible. 


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