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July 7, 2019

Bitcoin Money

"Bitcoin Money: The Top 20 Ways to Make Income with Cryptocurrencies" by  Christian John Sales

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube | How to make income with Bitcoin... Do you desire to make additional income in new and innovative ways? Would you like to learn how to make passive income? Do you want to learn how to make money with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but don't know how? If so, then this book is for you! When I started my MBA course in 2017, the popularity of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain related technologies was really exploding! During the fall of 2017, the price of Bitcoin was going up exponentially so I decided to learn how to day-trade cryptocurrencies, invest in blockchain related projects, and also performed some graphic processor unit based mining. I also decided to devote my masters dissertation on the topic of cryptocurrencies. As I discussed the topic of cryptocurrencies with topic experts in the field and attended related conferences and seminars, I became knowledgeable of both active and passive ways to generate income with cryptocurrencies. In addition, as I was practicing day trading, investing, and mining cryptocurrencies at the same time, I also became aware of both common pitfalls and good strategies to use. In this write up, I have compiled the top 20 ways to generate income with cryptocurrencies using 10 active methods and 10 passive methods. It is my pleasure to present both my research and real-world experience to you!


July 4, 2019

Red AI

"Red AI: Victories and Warnings From China’s Rise In Artificial Intelligence" by Nina Xiang

| Website | Red AI: Victories and Warnings From China’s Rise In Artificial Intelligence is the definitive book on one of the most controversial topics of our time. Xiang offers a fresh perspective and a new narrative illuminating the much-hyped AI industry in China. Through compelling stories packed with fascinating details, Xiang dispels the myth and hyperbole surrounding China’s position in the artificial intelligence race against the United States. "My book is definitely contrarian. Media assertions that China is an AI superpower are extremely forward-looking and one-sided, presenting only the evidence supporting these claims and disregarding contrasting facts," Xiang argues. Xiang, a veteran journalist who grew up in China, takes readers on a journey deep into the heart of China's AI universe to explore cutting-edge developments in facial recognition, speech recognition, self-driving cars, robotics, AI chips, healthcare, and financial profiling services, resulting in an intriguing read that raises compelling questions for one to ponder afterwards.


June 16, 2019

How a Housewife Gets Paid As a Youtuber

"How a Housewife Gets Paid As a Youtuber: You can make more money than your husband!" by ApopA Kim

Are you a housewife? If you are a housewife, you have a chance to make money. In the past, housewives had few chances to make money. But now you can make more money on YouTube than your husband. Everything you do on a daily basis (washing, parenting, cooking, cleaning, etc.) will all be your profits. Through this book, you will live a totally different life. Be a YouTuber and tell the world your story, not a YouTube viewer.


January 10, 2019

A Compassionate Guide For Social Robots

"A Compassionate Guide For Social Robots" by  Marcel Heerink

What’s the point of being human? How does one deal with elusive things like trust, fear, being in love, friendship, and a disastrous morning attitude? How can anyone handle the truth if there are so many different views on it? If you’re made to be of service to humans, you’ll be facing quite a few challenges, because humans are full of contradictions, they will usually be anything but rational, and horribly arrogant. But fortunately, they’re amazing at dressing things up, they can occasionally be truly compassionate, and they are gifted with a stunning ability called “suspension of disbelief.” These things are crucial, and this guide will tell you why, by addressing the challenges and possibilities of social robots, with a tasty blend of science and fiction — featuring a romantic, Italian love story; an enigmatic entity called P.; and an endearing, philosophical robot.


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