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February 8, 2019

Forgiveness Is Powerful

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"Forgiveness Is Powerful - Try It!" by Dr. Anthony Olatunji

You are about to discover how to finally overcome Unforgiveness: Have you ever been offended? Do you have any person or their family or your family or a situation that makes you feel dread, anger or sadness? Did you face—abuse, betrayal, injustice or something else?—Then this book is for you. You see, unforgiveness is yesterday’s dark clouds, blocking out tomorrow’s sunshine.  Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn...  


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October 14, 2018

Chasing the Algorithm

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"Chasing the Algorithm" by Kerry Girling

De-fragmenting your Mindset It's not only the safest bet - among all the pseudo-imaginative realities such as Christ's visit to Earth, Alien breeding, or the Big Bang...that Life is simply a video game, built through computer programming. And, humans are the characters within it. Humans and every physical object in reality are managed in a program called Life. This program is ran by an algorithm that determines fate - the Story of each of Us. The actions we make daily are intertwined into an algorithmic calculation that justifies our emotions and overall experience. When one comes to understand the mathematics behind Life's algorithm and applies it to becoming a better character within the program he will generate a happier life.


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August 19, 2018

For the Love of Luke

"For the Love of Luke: Our commitment to life in the midst of certain loss" by Michelle Lynn Forester

What do you do when God calls you to walk through an unthinkable tragedy? When I was twelve weeks pregnant with our son, Luke was diagnosed with a terminal neurological condition. We were assured that he would not live. My husband and I had a choice to make - did we follow the advice of our doctors and proceed with a medical termination, or did we follow our convictions and continue the pregnancy no matter the cost? We chose the latter. We were committed to the life of our son, even in the midst of certain loss. The pregnancy, birth, and death of our son was the most heart-wrenching time in our lives, but we'd do it all over again. Luke was worth it.


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August 12, 2018

Wisdom from Others, 9 Life Lessons from My Dad

"Wisdom from Others, 9 Life Lessons from My Dad" by Donita M. Brown

This book celebrates the wisdom that is all around us. There is wisdom all around us. We only need to listen to hear it. This wisdom comes from everyday places. This book will share 9 lessons with you on how I found wisdom from my Dad. Love is like wisdom; it grows when there is more of it to share. The more people you love and the more opportunities you have to love, the higher your capacity to love others. #WisdomFromOthers  Let’s make wisdom grow.


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