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June 11, 2019

Property Investment Success

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"Property Investment Success: A High-Performance Flight Plan to Create Wealth Through Real Estate" by Shirley Campbell

Are you seeking to invest in property? Flip a house? Generate the best outcomes from your property investment with the guidance of an expert?  Shirley Campbell, experienced real estate agent, long-term property investor, renovator, flipper and professional coach teaches you all that she knows and uses over the course of seven modules. Inside Property Investment Success, you will discover the ways to research the market, understand property cycles, set goals and use strategies that extend from investing, planning and profit and risk assessment to adding value through renovation, management and finally, learning when is best to sell. Shirley Campbell’s book, set over seven chapters, is packed full of her professional expertise and insight and is invaluable to potential property investors who are hoping to go beyond the regular income from property investment and extend it to the max. As well as considering your options, Shirley Campbell makes sure you avoid the common and costly mistakes that many first-time investors make. The seven modules include: Module One: When to buy. Shirley shows you the ways to discern and predict when it’s safe to buy by explaining the property cycle – what to look out for and when to take the plunge. Want to start planning? Shirley shows you how to set property investment goals. Module Two: Insider strategies that work. Shirley pinpoints her three specific strategies for investment, being pro-active and purchasing with maximum success. Module Three: The best property investors plan ahead, so you can’t afford to miss this chapter. Shirley shows you how to plan by examining mortgage flexibility and options and by understanding property tax deductions.


June 7, 2019

Why Giving More, Gets You More

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"Why Giving More, Gets You More: The one life changing decision future millionaires must know" by Ayman Lee

The universe works in an awesome pattern in that the more you give, the more you receive and in modern times, it is called the law of reciprocity. Do we give bearing in mind that there is something in store for us though not knowing what it is? It is an act of kindness, especially without attached strings. This is so accurate in life because business is an amiable branch of life. Customers love to receive and when they do, the beneficence is returned by them spending their money with you. The act of giving out is a piece of customer experience. All your wants will be satisfied if you help people get what they want, it is mutual, a win-win affair. You don’t have to be a huge company to pass out something for free, it can be a free battery attached to a watch, so long it is of great value to the consumer, and your customers will keep patronizing you due to the satisfaction they gain from your services.


June 1, 2019

Keto Diet: An Effective Beginners Guide

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"Keto Diet: An Effective Beginners Guide With Easy Recipes To Lose Weight, Feel Better And Save Time" by John Lewis

If you or someone you know is struggling to lose weight, you know exactly how nerve-racking the experience can be. Not only does it cause serious health problems, being overweight can cause you to lose your sense of self. Did you know that following a keto diet is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, heal your body and live in great health? It is a research-backed fact that keto diet is one of the ultimate ways to lose weight fast, manage diabetes effectively and possibly prevent conditions such as neurodegenerative illnesses and cancer. However, as more people are adopting the keto lifestyle, there's a lot of really bad information or misinformation out there.


May 31, 2019

Nigerian Brides Academy

"Nigerian Brides Academy" by  18 Nigerian QueenMakers and GodMothers

| Website | YouTube | Nigerian Brides Academy Finishing School for BridesAre you getting married soon with a need to give your happy, loving, stable, romantic and fulfilling marriage dream a Nigerian flair or are you intending to live together in an environment with Nigerian cultural influences? The guidebook, The Nigerian Brides Academy interprets a Warm House, Warm Food and Warm Bed in a Nigerian context for you. Get information today on •Family life, family planning, pregnancy, baby and toddler care•Tips on raising children to strive to be exceptional•Nigerian culture, traditions and relationships with in-laws •Menu planning, recipes and preparation of Nigerian food•Romantic expressions, intimacy & tips for enhancing your love dialogue•Protecting your marriage from outside competing influences of a typical Nigerian background.