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August 17, 2018



| Website | Instagram | A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO CREATING A WINNING TEAM In this invaluable handbook you will discover hard-earned insights & learn how to: · Inspire your team to unlock their hidden potential for greatness · Harness the strengths of your team to produce maximum results · Empower others by leading with courage & integrity · Use your words to encourage and motivate · Influence your squad & create a winning culture in a volatile environment. In a transparent & engaging manner, Gareth shares some of his heartfelt stories about his leadership journey.  He reveals that your most significant resource is people. “When you grow your people, everything else grows with it." This little book will compel you to become the leader your followers deserve.  “Becoming a great leader is not a smooth process, but when you have the right people around you, it makes all the difference.”


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August 7, 2018

Networking With A Purpose

"Networking With A Purpose" by Amy Mahjoory

How I Built My Power Team, Raised $16 Million Dollars & Got On HGTV! | Website | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Amy Mahjoory was fortunate to be born highly networked - she grew up with three mothers and three fathers. Networking is something that she has studied, practiced and learned a lot about over the course of her corporate career, through the process of launching and growing her own business and becoming a professional public speaker and TV presenter. In Networking with a Purpose, you’ll: 1.Discover what’s holding you back from connecting more meaningfully with others  2.Re-imagine the role of networking in your life and business 3.Learn the five most important lessons Amy has learned about effective networking 4.Access Amy’s best tools and techniques for networking naturally 


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July 24, 2018

Un-Tricked Tricks

"Un-Tricked Tricks" by Husain Sayed

I hate unfair games. Yes, I hate it even much more within the business context. Since we are living in a perfectly imperfect world, things may go horrible and conflicts can intensify at office and working places. Many do suffer because of this, but on the other hand, there are beneficiaries who keep capitalizing wrongfully on their unethical tactics which look so invincible for them. Most people fall victims to those “evil” acts. Unfortunately, some discover that they have been the pray often at a very late stage, where counter-attacks and reversal are too expensive to be initiated. It is often too late to salvage the situation as they watch the damage being done. That doesn’t have to be your story.


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July 21, 2018


"YOUR FIRST FIX AND FLIP" by Jeff Hammerberg - Broker / CPC

Insider secrets and a proven formula to get you started on your first fix and flip today! Find It + Fix It + Flip It = Freedom #1 Fix-And-Flip Favorite: First Time Flippers | the ABC's. You'll learn more about the process of making money in fix-and-flips by reading this book than you will spending thousands on a weekend seminar! THIS BOOK WILL TAKE YOU FROM ZERO TO MANAGING YOUR FIRST SUCCESSFUL FIX AND FLIP WITHIN WEEKS! APPLY THESE PROCESSES AND MAXIMIZE YOUR ODDS OF FIX AND FLIP SUCCESS, AND ULTIMATE FREEDOM.