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April 27, 2019

A KILLher Plan

"A KILLher Plan,Behind The Crime Scene Tape" by J. Douglas Parker

Go Behind The Crime Scene Tape into the restricted area with the author as he investigates an intriguing murder and provides insight into his life as a Special Agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. “A Kill Her Plan, Behind The Crime Scene Tape” is a true crime investigated by the author, J. Douglas Parker. Parker is a retired special agent of 30 years with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. He investigated crimes ranging from over 250 death investigations, to major drug investigations, and cases involving white supremacist such as the KKK. This story is about the death of Kristia Anderson who was ambushed murdered late one night while driving home from work. Embedded within this true crime tale are stories of other investigations. These are interwoven into the story to provide insight into investigative techniques taken by a homicide investigator, along with interesting stories of Parker’s upbringing in a law enforcement family in the south.


February 12, 2019

Gods of the Flesh

"Gods of the Flesh: A Skeptic's Journey Through Sex, Politics and Religion" by  Israel Morrow

| Website | Barnes&Noble | A repressed ex-Christian has a breakdown on the eve of marriage, then embarks on an intimate journey through sex, politics and religion. Gods of the Flesh is a spiritual memoir, weaving fantasy and eroticism with the big questions of philosophy, history and current affairs. Can Christians be gay? Why was Trump elected—and why was anyone surprised? Do religions have a hate problem, or is there an even deeper problem with love? Morrow’s journey covers Alaska, Mississippi, Louisiana and Nevada. A Hindu commune, Native American mounds, African fortune-tellers, and the temple of an Egyptian Goddess. Online dating, a hotel foursome, a swingers’ club, and what stays in Vegas. Witch hunts, slavery, nuclear weapons, and the meaning of “The Star-Spangled Banner” (It’s not what you think).  We live in an age of cognitive dissonance, when people struggle to reconcile personal feelings with social norms, and many strike painful compromises. Gods of the Flesh unpacks the customs we take for granted and explores how they evolved. Here you’ll find the information they didn’t teach in church or school. How animals communicate, how Buddha estimated the age of the Earth, why God’s wife was (almost) erased from the Bible, and why millions of spiritual people are atheists. You will learn to shatter paradigms, build your own spiritual practice, get in touch with your body, and create unique purposes in life.


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December 9, 2018

Elevators in My Mind

"Elevators in My Mind" by Jarray Davis

| Website | Facebook | Instagram | An honor student and son of successful parents. Jarray Davis had a bright future ahead of him and the world in his hands. How did Jarray decide to honor his parents’ legacy? He decided to land himself in prison for seven years. Elevators In My Mind is a revealing memoir by Jarray Davis that details his time spent in prison and his attempt to pay his debt back to society. Jarray Davis embarks on an intellectual journey, which will lead to a freedom more profound than any that could be granted by a legal authority. One question still remains; will his debt to society ever be paid in full?


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December 5, 2018

Live, Laugh and Travel Europe

"Live, Laugh and Travel Europe" by Rohit Gupta

When life gives you a chance to get on a trip to live your dreams, grab it with both hands that’s what Medha says. She receives the offer from her husband for Europe trip, and after taking some thoughts, she accepts it. She got a chance to live her DDLJ dreams, but the only thing she was scared of was their infant kid. However, her dream won, and they flew to Europe on a two-week long trip. Medha chooses the locations, and her husband books all flights and hotels. Medha includes all flavours in this trip while selecting locations- The heaven on earth (Zurich), The city of romance (Paris), Island with white beaches (Ibiza), The city of heritage and culture (Barcelona) and the city with artistic heritage, museums and canals (Amsterdam). They enjoy lake cruise tour, canal boat tour, visit old architecture places, the world-famous Eiffel Tower, beaches, shopping areas, the different type of museums and many world heritage sites. Enjoy food of different cuisines and different countries. Best hotels and some typical European rooms. Different weather at all places. Met some awesome people, and one of them becomes a friend for life. They also become a part of the independence movement of Catalonia in Spain.  This is a perfect trip write-up, mixed with emotions, problems and fun times!


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