June 6, 2018

The Fantasy Girl

"The Fantasy Girl" by Allan Taylor

A young woman’s bludgeoned body is found floating in the ocean off Cape Cod. Strikingly attractive with swimsuit model looks, the victim has left behind a string of male admirers, and is suspected of having had ties to a local drug dealer. Because of its lurid details, the crime receives broad media coverage, and the State Police are under intense pressure to find the killer. When they seek the assistance of the local police, Brian, a young cop who is still haunted by nightmares from his combat service in Iraq, volunteers to help with the investigation. But as he delves into the victim’s shadowy past, suspicions gradually begin to creep in about Brian and whether he may have in fact played a role in the young woman’s past himself. Struggling with his demons, Brian becomes trapped in a different kind of nightmare, this time one that is all too real. It is only the unmasking of the killer that finally unlocks the truth about Brian and about the beautiful young victim. 

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"A Cape Cod Mystery" This is a page-turner that you will not want to put down. The characters are described so well that you will recognize them in people you know. This book will be especially appreciated by anyone who has ever lived in a beach town. It is a promising first novel for Taylor who writes with amazing style. The mystery captivates you until the very end!~Kathleen Schortmann "Wow! What a fun book!" First, it’s a suspenseful, tastefully R-rated murder mystery with clever plot twists. But I also found it to be an interesting, dark satire of shallow, materialistic modern America. I’m a high school English teacher who doesn’t ordinarily read “thrillers,” but I read this after it was recommended to me and enjoyed it very much.~James L. Dam


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June 5, 2018

Focused Job Interviews

"Focused Job Interviews" by Peter K. Davies

Prepare. Interview. Score! The number one way to get the job you want is to prepare. But how do you stand out when there are so many other qualified candidates? Read this book with bite-sized retainable tips on how increase the odds that you’ll get the job you want. What’s in this book? Here’s a sneak-peek of a few of the tips included. You’ll learn:
  • What to do before, during and after the interview
  • How to focus
  • What to prepare
  • How to stand out
  • How to impress the interviewer
  • How to avoid the interview pitfalls


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June 5, 2018

Child of Fire, Child of Ice

"Child of Fire, Child of Ice: A Sci-Fi Romance Series" by JB Trepagnier

| Website | Facebook | Cendis and Avala. A planet of fire and planet of ice. The humans that settled there after fleeing earth noticed physical and supernatural changes as time went on. After war broke out between the planets, they seemed to be cursed by their gods. Cendis lost fire and Avala lost ice. A truce was called and both planets cut off contact except for secret factions. The factions have discovered a paradise planet. The night they intend to bring it to the king, a celestial event occurs. The king on both planets and all of his advisors abruptly die and all of their wives, no matter what their age, suddenly fall pregnant. The thirty-two children are special. They have fire and ice as well as mental gifts. The faction hides them and trains them in secret. The alliance between Cendis and Avala on the paradise planet rests in the hands of the Cendian prince and the Avalian princess and a special bond they are supposed to have. But when the Avalian princess sneaks into Cendis disguised as a slave, things go wrong. Things that threaten the lives of both groups of sixteen and could destroy both planets. Child of Fire, Child of Ice, like an adult His Dark Materials.


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June 4, 2018

Behind The Eyes Of A Lost Soul

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"Behind The Eyes Of A Lost Soul" by Valerie Joanna Legere Wolfrom

Life is a gift. And sharing it with the man you love makes it invaluable. You start a common life with your sweetheart full of dreams; your heart overflows with love, your mind is overwhelmed with pictures of happiness, all these precious daily moments of intimacy, joy and pleasure that will make the canvas of your marital bliss. But relationships are not always rosy. For each happily married girl out there, there are hundreds of tortured souls living in total despair, experiencing domestic violence by the person supposed to be their ‘significant’ other. Living With The Beast Disillusionment starts early. Verbal insults are followed by occasional smacks and accusations about every single detail of your daily routine give their place to punches. Everything you do seems to be just ‘not good enough’, all minor household tasks can trigger violence in your ‘significant other’, reflected in bruises in the arms, the neck, the legs… everywhere. Violence lurks in the corner of every room and its painful manifestations need no excuse any more. Day after day, your concern is one: how you will manage to clench your teeth and carry on- how you will manage to SURVIVE. A Life In The Darkness.


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