August 11, 2019


"MA'SITTER" by LaToya Lawson

| Website | Instagram | This pulse-pounding drama is a gritty cross between the 2011 Mississippi movie The Help and True Detectives. Sometimes a woman owns little more than the deep, hidden wishes of her heart, and those don’t count for much in a place like Mississippi. At least for folk like Victoria with very little meaning of life. Just when it seems like her world is falling apart after the violent death of her role model, Victoria is offered a job as a carer/ caregiver for an elderly, rich white couple. Inside the walls of the Lane’s sumptuous home and beautiful landscaped Zen Garden, her dreams hover tantalizingly close: a peaceful life, a full pantry, and a safe neighborhood. But it is merely a façade that she drifts through in a haze, concealing an unfolding drama; the manipulative and racist Mr. Lane has plans for his wife’s wealth that don’t involve her. As tawdry scandals are whispered behind manicured nails, unsavory truths are kept safely tucked behind beaming smiles. And amongst it, Victoria is suddenly thrown into a world that she is unprepared for, where subterfuge and deceit are all-consuming. Now being paid to spy on her employer, by people who are as flawed as she is, she is torn between what she knows is right and wrong. As she navigates this complex world, teetering on the edge of right and wrong, Victoria is offered more money than she could ever have dreamed of and enough that would secure the future for her and her daughter. MA’SITTER is a gripping crime and new psychological thriller series, this read will appeal to a mature audience drawn to tales of unsavory scandal, emotional drama, and clandestine conspiracy. All she has to do is keep quiet, but can she live with the consequences of what is asked of her, even if she does get away with it?


August 1, 2019

Enhancing Couple Sexuality

"Enhancing Couple Sexuality: Creating an Intimate and Erotic Bond" by Barry McCarthy, Emily McCarthy 

Sexuality is multi-causal and multi-dimensional, with large individual, couple, cultural, and value differences. Each person and couple deserve to experience sexuality as a positive factor in their lives and relationships. Enhancing Couple Sexuality is an accessible guide that will help you to explore couple sexuality, with a focus on promoting healthy sexuality and overcoming sexual dysfunction, conflict and avoidance. The couple challenge, regardless of relationship status or sexual orientation, is to integrate intimacy and eroticism into your relationship, while reinforcing the new sexual mantra of desire/pleasure/eroticism/ satisfaction. Healthy sexuality is a combination of responsibility for your authentic sexual self and being an intimate sexual team. Each chapter in this book presents scientifically-validated guidelines, a compelling case study, and a psychosexual skill exercise to make every concept personal and concrete. Enhancing Couple Sexuality will motivate and empower couples to create and maintain a satisfying, secure, and sexual relationship. Whether you are married or dating, 25 or 65, this valuable resource will provide strategies to enhance your sexual relationship now and in the future.


July 26, 2019



People live their whole life trying to succeed at something. Succeed at parenting, at their job, at school, yet few find comfort and happiness in their success. Many are missing a key component in their success, and that is their why. If you don't have a why then chances are you won't be able to find success. While not having a why doesn’t mean you won’t be “successful,” you probably won’t be happy with the “success” you have. This book is here to teach you about the importance of your why, and how you can figure out what your why is. You will learn: •What is your WHY •Why your WHY is important •How to discover your WHY •How to live your WHY •And so much more Everybody wants to live a long and happy life, and finding your why will help you to achieve that. No matter what you may have been taught, or what you believe, everybody has a why; it just takes a little time to discover what it is.


July 21, 2019

Bringer of Light

"Bringer of Light (The Otherworld Series Book 1)" by Josefina Gutierrez 

Kyra Staar is a seventeen-year-old working for The Light Gentry. They were overtaken by a harsh dictator years ago. Her home was destroyed by the Queen Bee along with countless others, now she has taken over the nation and forced Fae and other supernatural beings into working camps, draining their soul magic for herself. Kyra knows the Queen is evil, but can she even trust the Light Gentry anymore? Or will she have to trust a strange boy in a grassy poncho over her kin? Kyra’s only hope to stop Bee’s reign is an artifact thought lost, but will she be able to handle what happens when she finds it?