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June 21, 2019
June 23, 2019

Brain Drain” by Michael Mathiesen

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In a Galaxy not very far away, there once existed a beautiful blue planet which the local inhabitants started to use as a giant trash bin, scattering their refuse and their excrement into the oceans and the atmosphere by the millions of tons every day. Though they lost species near and dear to them every day, sadly, their suicidal, self-destructive behavior continued unchecked for centuries.

The most intelligent of the life forms on this planet, at the top of their game, had more and more evidence piling up every day that told them that their planet was dying and that they were the cause, and yet they did nothing from the top down to stop it. They were so busy inside their own heads, they could not or would not heed the warnings that they continually saw happening around them. They were all doomed and many had even come to accept their fate. They gave up trying to solve their greatest problems and instead started to revel in their excesses that made things worse. They surrendered to the political reality of their day. They succumbed to the mindless drum beat of the advertisements for greed all around them.

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