Blood Traitor

The Boy In the Barn
April 13, 2022
May 21, 2022

“Blood Traitor” by Aria Storm

Zombies have flooded the magiks university, and nearly all the adult leadership of the Silver City is missing or trapped in a blood crystal. Just when I get some time to sort my mating issues, all hells and devastation rain down on my public life. Now, it is left to the teenage heirs to hold New Tren Na Nogg together, until the blood mages can figure out how to free the sealed leaders.

War is finally upon us, and the enemies are many, as the in-fighting and back-biting are also rampant. We’re going out of the classroom, and into the “real” world with our latest and most fatal of tests!

Can Dylan and her friends ferret out a traitor, and restore order to the Silver City before it is sacked by outside forces conspiring? Will they survive the greed of the internal threats looming in the darkness?

YA done in true Aria Storm style! Join the children of the “Blood and Darkness” series in this latest chapter!

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