Bacon, Bodyguards, and Ballistics

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July 30, 2022
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August 31, 2022

“Bacon, Bodyguards, and Ballistics: The Deep Fried Revenge Series Collection (Books 1-5)” by Karen McSpade

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She’s a Chicago detective hiding in a seaside town with a lot to prove…and everything to lose.

Reeling with excitement over the opening of a private investigation agency and her budding romance with the sheriff, Piper Sandstone can’t wait to launch her dream career and return to a somewhat normal life. But danger lurks on the horizon—the dirty cops back in Chicago still want her dead. They are ruthless and on the hunt; no price is too steep for her head.

But Piper’s already in a predicament of prodigious proportions when an art heist at the Bancroft Estates leaves a bodyguard dead… and she and her crime-fighting gal pals are at the center of the crime scene. With more suspects than the hottie sheriff can shake a stick at, it’s no surprise the Mayor has requested help from the new private eyes.

Tangled in another mystery in Savory, Alabama, Piper is determined to solve the case with the help of her quirky senior sleuth friends dubbed the Dentures and Diamonds Crime Squad. These zany retirees traded in their female rock band glory to fight crime, but can they help Piper maintain her cover and catch the killer before she or another Savory resident winds up dead?

Read Bacon, Bodyguards, and Ballistics: The Complete Deep Fried Revenge Collection today and get ready to devour a deliciously addictive cozy mystery that is unputdownable! Recipes included.

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