“Gladiator: Book 1 of the Orion Light Saga” by Aria Jade

For over twenty years the colony world of Polaris has been torn asunder by the war between the governing Polaris Alliance and the Order of the Orion Light. The sheer magnitude of the destruction has forced tens of thousands to flee the rubble of their cities and seek sanctuary in pitiful settlements wherever the soldiers aren’t present.

Among these refugees is Anya Lee, a strange woman with unusual abilities, a tragic past, and a dangerous secret. Everyone who comes in contact with her is either frightened or intrigued, especially when she displays signs of violent madness that seems to have no explanation.

Rumors begin to fly about the enigmatic Professor Aaron Ridley, who supposedly created a process to create superhuman soldiers called Gladiators, tasked with ending the war and saving Polaris from the warring factions that are trying to destroy it. He was murdered before he could complete his task and his technology was stolen by the Order to turn to their own uses. But the question remains: where are his original test subjects, and why have they not completed their mission?

As desperation grows for an end to the pointless battles, the citizens of Polaris wonder whether anyone can stop this war. Even a superhuman Gladiator.

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“The Banner of the Broken Orc: The Call of the Darkness Saga” by Aiden L Turner

Monsters will rise from the depths. Monsters will sit on gilded thrones. Horrors unimaginable to waking eyes seek slaughter amongst peace-loving folk. Violent warriors, with scarred faces and bloody swords, will challenge the rising of the Darkness.

Before the beginning there was only darkness. Complete and unbroken darkness. Then He who is creation arose, and the darkness sickened Him. He brought forth His power and from His will came life. Beautiful, diverse and numerous. But with the birth of life the darkness became aware, knowing and vengeful. A struggle ensued, vast and without hope of end. A grand battle between the master of nonentity and corruption, and the lord of life and growth. In this grand battle, spanning both time and distance, champions shall rise, brave and strong of heart and body. But take heed fair reader and beware: the majesty and wonder of creation is only surpassed by the horrors of the Darkness. Not every monster has fangs and claws. Not every slave is bound in iron. Not even the purest of heroes is untainted by evil.

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“Real Estate Investing For Our Children: A Road Map For Generational Wealth” by Munashe Masuka

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This book covers the basic steps you need to take in order to create generational wealth using real estate. It goes over topics like the different creative ways you can use to purchase an investment property, selecting a cash-flowing property, the risks involved in real estate investing, how to qualify for a home loan from a bank, how to pass down your real estate empire to your children and many other topics related to real estate investing. The only thing that’s stopping the majority of our people from investing in real estate is the lack of knowledge. This book is a powerful tool because it contains a lot of information on real estate investing that’s not normally taught to us, and everyone knows that knowledge is power. This book is written from a parent’s perspective, by someone who is teaching their children about real estate investing and how to create generational wealth. It’s a great book for parents, young adults, and people interested in becoming real estate investors because it simplifies hard to understand areas of the real estate world.

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Your Life: Unfinished Business” by Carmen McKenzie

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What would you give to be happier? Have you loved and listened to your mind, body and soul recently? How do you perceive life?

At some point of our lives, we wished we were happier, free-spirited and perceive life in a positive light but, usually life comes in our way and eats away everything we worked hard for. Doubts, fears and comfort are one of the greatest antagonists that prevents us from making our dreams a reality. Your Life: Unfinished Business was written during one of the darkest years of our lives and the author aims this book to be your guide through the ever-changing dark tunnel and allows you to overcome all the things that prevent you from living your life to the fullest! It includes various activities, tips and tricks, yoga exercises and wisdom gained from half-a-century experiences. Your Life: Unfinished Business allows you to not only transform your life for the better but also the lives of others.

Your Life: Unfinished Business explains five major topics that we all face in our lives and no matter who we are, or where we came from, we constantly stumbles on these five topics. Within these topics are activities and questions you will help you figure out more about yourself.

Self- Love

A perfect gift to anyone who is determined to finally live their lives the fullest, know who they truly are and embrace their beautiful and unique soul.

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Buffett’s Tips: A Guide to Financial Literacy and Life” by John M. Longo


“John Longo and his son, Tyler, have performed a valuable service, taking the wisdom of Warren Buffett (the supply of which is ample) and distilling from it 100 ‘tips,’ with the authors’ own explanatory text, to guide the reader from financial ignorance to a degree of financial literacy. Along the way, there are useful lessons for life in general. If you have a friend, child, or parent who needs a pathway to a better understanding of some financial fundamentals, get this book for them―it’ll go a long way to bringing them up to speed.”
―Simon Lorne, Vice Chairman and Chief Legal Officer, Millennium Management LLC; former Partner, Munger, Tolles & Olson

“Priceless. 100 investment and life tips from the Oracle―a great read for the beginning investor.”
―S. Basu Mullick, retired Portfolio Manager and Managing Director, Neuberger Berman; former General Partner, Omega Advisors; noted value investor; former “Marketwatch Fund Manager of the Year”

“John Longo has a well-earned reputation for excellence in teaching at the University level. Working with his son Tyler, John now extends his passion for education out of the classroom and across generations with this guidebook to the essential tools for financial proficiency.”
―Gregory P. Francfort, noted value investor; former Institutional Investor “All-Star Analyst”

“John and his son have written an invaluable guide steeped in the wisdom of Warren Buffett. Marrying sound financial advice with general life lessons, Buffett’s Tips provides a solid foundation for advancing financial literacy across a broad multi-generational audience.”

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“Race and Slavery in the Contemporary World: America 2020: Reflections” by Patricia Yunghanns

Race and Slavery in the Contemporary World begins with a message the author wrote to five prominent Black public figures. In the message, the author brought out several facts she had observed, including the way the government was not obeying its laws. Another major observation was how Amendment IX of the Bill of Rights was being broken.
The Constitutional Laws of the US are intended to limit government power and put constraints on it, just as legislative laws are meant to constrain the citizens. This structure creates the rule of law that is essential to enjoying freedoms.
The first part of the work is devoted to reflections on the value of a Black woman and is followed by reflections on why the Blacks were freed from slavery. Among the topics and issues examined are the definition of equality in America, changes in ownership of slaves, the impact of voting, and punishment for disobedience.
“These reflections are a part of voicing my grievances or complaints… My reflections might seem quite legal and historical. That is because I have found that at the root of the problems that I mention, including my own, is a law at the mercy of uncontrolled political thinking”.
“Race And Slavery In The Contemporary World” is an intensely thought-provoking work. The reader will find themselves asking the questions it raises, such as “Why have we[Blacks] failed to negotiate our freedoms?” The book explores insightful topics such as the philosopher Rousseau’s description of the slavery paradox and enforcement of punishment.
The more near to home topics such as harassment and impact on Black women are also well covered.

Race and Slavery in the Contemporary World contains such topics concerning the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau;
Rousseau’s Description of the Slavery Paradox ; Definition of Slavery on Rousseau’s Views; Analogy of Rousseau’s Idea : An Agreement ; The Social Contract : Rousseau’s Solution and Active Agreement, Rousseau’s Ideas as Practiced in the Contemporary World: People Participation, and
Rousseau Requirement of Legitimacy for Slavery. It also looks at the philosopher of political science, Alexis de Tocqueville. In addition, it looks at the American Promise as regards to a topic, such as The American Way: The most surprising Historical Change. It considers historically reported events up to our present moment.

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“Minute Magic: The Midnight Huntress Book One” by Christian Knight

After the great war, the Supernaturals were summoned…

But no-one expected them to stay.

Sergeant Leona Cynane is a tough-as-nails cop who’ll take on any Supernatural that comes her way—vampire, Fey, and dragons be damned. When she becomes obsessed with the case of a mystery drug called Minute Magic, she finds herself drawn into the shady underworld of a Supernatural named Stealth.

And things just get darker from there…

After a deadly encounter with a dark Fey, Leona is suspended from the force and things couldn’t be worse. But when the President sends for her and wants her help taking down the creator of Minute Magic, she’s back on her game. She must take on Stealth, with all his supernatural powers, to save the people of Casperson City from his deadly creation.

Can Leona find Stealth to end the destruction of Minute Magic?

Or will she get consumed by the very thing she’s trying to stop?

Forced to leave the police force, Leona becomes a Private Investigator by day and a supernatural bounty hunter by night.

Minute Magic is a paranormal story for people who love futuristic fantasy worlds, hard-boiled cops, and gritty action.

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