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April 13, 2019
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April 17, 2019

“Any One of Y’all Coulda Done Did It: The Murder of Mayor Spurgeon Turgeon Reynolds (Murder Mystery Party for 16 Players)” by Nancy & Laura DeMaria


WARNING: This book contains a great deal of vulgarity and tomfoolery. Please do not proceed if you are easily offended, triggered, or use Twitter.

The year is 1898. As much as Baby Anne secretly hated her husband, she never imagined anyone would hurt him. But they sure did. And now he’s stone cold dead.

The story begins in Baby Anne’s North Carolina home as the late Mayor’s friends and loved ones gather after his funeral. Polite conversation turns to chaos as the accusations fly. Who murdered the Mayor? Will justice be served? If a train is traveling west at 60 mph, how much will the tickets cost?

In this mystery, everyone has something to hide: from the local brothel proprietor to the not-so-naïve stable boy.

This spellbinding murder mystery dinner party book is your key to hosting an unforgettable evening. It includes a guest list of 16 captivating characters, a mesmerizing 3-act script, printable downloads, and clear instructions on how to host the party. To ensure every guest at your dinner party can participate in the fun, purchase 16 copies of this book (one for every guest). Alternatively, you may ask each guest to buy his or her own paperback or Kindle copy, but the guests must promise not to read the script ahead of time.

BONUS #1: With your purchase, you will also receive access to a special note from one of the dinner guests, Durham’s very own Madame, Ms. Cleopatra “Jibbly Jewels” Jackson. She has stories that will make your mouth water and your jibblies tingle. Yum.

BONUS #2: With every paperback purchase, you will also receive the Kindle version for free!

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