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February 21, 2021
The Chamber of Eyes
February 24, 2021

“Another Earth: Prophecy” by  Duane Ellefson

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In the multiverse a nearly limitless number of Earths exist, all part of a cosmic game ongoing between Light and Dark. On one particular Earth nearly all of the cosmic tricks and cards have been played leading to a world where mythical beings such as elves, orcs, trolls, dragons and more have existed alongside humanity since the dawn of time. Magic and cybernetics collide with Faith in the Gods and high tech weaponry.

Find yourself in Chicago in the year 2085, two decades after the end of the Infection War and the fall of the old world nations where bounty hunter Malcolm Taylor and his zoanthrope partner, Xavier Reynolds find themselves somehow in the middle of an ancient prophecy concerning the end of an age and a pair of magical swords. Amidst it all is a woman and her young daughter, sought after by forces on all sides. Some wanting to protect them and others wanting to use them for their own ends.

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