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October 15, 2019
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October 21, 2019

“An Octopus Tale about the Law of Attraction” by Linda Hogan

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AN OCTOPUS TALE ABOUT THE LAW OF ATTRACTION is a weirdly amazing, inspiring and truthful tale of how one family transitioned from a near death, financially desperate crisis to a life of gratitude and abundance. Linda White’s husband, Kent, was gravely ill. His job, health insurance and savings were gone. Essential medicines were ridiculously unaffordable. Miraculously, a four day sequence of events produced a business for preserving the beauty of octopus tentacles. Incredibly and immediately, customers bought the art. Sales revenue paid for the lifesaving medications for Kent. Linda White fell awake. Her entire family was transformed by using the law of attraction. Intrigued? This is a story gift for everyone ready to live abundantly. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Linda Marie Hogan is a social architect, storyteller and writer. Her world travels introduce her to intriguing people with inspiring tales that are a joy to share. During a winter stay in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas, she became friends with an exuberant woman who was inspiring everyone around her with the practice of positivity. This book is one of those stories Linda had to write.

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