An Apology To Lucifer

Rejection and Redemption
December 18, 2021
Meditate! and Grow Rich
December 29, 2021

“An Apology To Lucifer” by Wayne E. Haley and Sean P. Haley

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Father Thomas Morelli thought he knew the story behind Lucifer’s fall from Heaven. However, upon making the acquaintance of renowned book authenticator Lorenza Pellegrini and being invited to stay in the opulent Venice villa belonging to Pellegrini’s “Master,” Thomas discovers he has only heard part of the story.

In Boston, psychoanalyst, best-selling author, and outspoken atheist David Wright has been tasked to handle the funeral arrangements of his dear friend Albert Kennedy. What could have driven this controversial exorcist to take his own life? The answer, it seems, is contained in a tome that isn’t supposed to exist.

Joining forces Lorenza, David, and Thomas must race against time to prevent an ancient battle from reigniting.

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