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February 26, 2022
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March 6, 2022

“A Shepherd of Wolves” by R.J. King

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Detective Raymond Wright, born and raised in St. Anna, SC, would have never predicted that a prolific serial killer would show up in his hometown. When remains start appearing with body parts missing, the detective is determined to catch the deranged killer as quickly as possible. However, as the body count grows and the killer continues to evade arrest, Raymond begins to internally question the people around him. The detective realizes someone out there has reached an unthinkable level of depravity yet continues to exist in the same community.

Edmund Glass is the serial killer Detective Wright and his partner are trying to catch. A lonely and odd person since he was a small boy, Edmund believes there is some sort of beast inside of him that is causing him not only to murder young men but also to engage in cannibalism. From his very first murder, out of feeling forlorn, to the homicides he continues to commit in St. Anna, Edmund is a man cursed with a strong lust for taking other men’s lives and more.

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