A rose should be red

Someone’s Story
June 5, 2020
Fairly Unequal
June 11, 2020

A rose should be red” by Akaku Red

After the mysterious passing of her father Rick, Jenny and her mother have moved back to London.
To the city where a lot of bad things happened.
Yet, she wants to get better, wants to live … to be normal … to let go of her dark past.
The past that has torn her apart and made her live only for the people who were around her.
She is a broken girl who had to suffer a lot.
New people have entered her life, even the handsome gentleman Tyler who seems to respect and cherish Jenny with all his heart.
A kind young man and indeed handsome!
Like, really handsome. His deep blue eyes always give her the chills, they draw her into a world filled with new emotions.
At first, she keeps her distance since she is afraid of men.
But after some time, she allows herself to let him get close to her.
With each day that passes by, new questions arise.
Scary eyes watch her, people observe her every move …
As she tries to find her old friend Alice, shocking secrets and horrible truths are revealed.
And the more answers she discovers, the darker her life becomes …

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