June 7, 2019

Why Giving More, Gets You More

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"Why Giving More, Gets You More: The one life changing decision future millionaires must know" by Ayman Lee

The universe works in an awesome pattern in that the more you give, the more you receive and in modern times, it is called the law of reciprocity. Do we give bearing in mind that there is something in store for us though not knowing what it is? It is an act of kindness, especially without attached strings. This is so accurate in life because business is an amiable branch of life. Customers love to receive and when they do, the beneficence is returned by them spending their money with you. The act of giving out is a piece of customer experience. All your wants will be satisfied if you help people get what they want, it is mutual, a win-win affair. You don’t have to be a huge company to pass out something for free, it can be a free battery attached to a watch, so long it is of great value to the consumer, and your customers will keep patronizing you due to the satisfaction they gain from your services.


June 6, 2019

Living in the Realm of the Miraculous

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"Living in the Realm of the Miraculous" by Dr. Michael H Yeager, Kathleen M Yeager

127 Amazing True Supernatural stories from Dr. Michael & Kathleen Yeager. The Yeager's have experienced many amazing Adventures, Miracles, Visitations, and Supernatural Interventions by God. When you read this book you will discover that the God of the Bible is still doing Miracles in the lives of His people even as He did in the Bible!


June 5, 2019

The Lost and Found Journal of a Miner 49er

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"The Lost and Found Journal of a Miner 49er: Vol. 1" by Jack Dublin

In 2013, Jack Dublin and family traveled to the Grand Canyon for a week of whitewater rafting. When a monsoon rolled in, forcing them to higher ground, they sheltered in a cave unseen for nearly 150 years. What they found inside -- several journals from the time of the Gold Rush -- revealed miracles and magic, fables and fortunes, scattered treasures of the ages from sea to shining sea (and deep beneath them as well). The legends tell of explorers who harnessed ship and beast and rail to lay hold their dreams on a merciless frontier; exploits that elevated ordinary men into heroes, and the undoings that destroyed the rest. One man lived long enough to record the greatest history never told... until now. Discover why an anonymous authority calls the journals "the greatest discovery since the Dead Sea Scrolls."


June 1, 2019

Keto Diet: An Effective Beginners Guide

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"Keto Diet: An Effective Beginners Guide With Easy Recipes To Lose Weight, Feel Better And Save Time" by John Lewis

If you or someone you know is struggling to lose weight, you know exactly how nerve-racking the experience can be. Not only does it cause serious health problems, being overweight can cause you to lose your sense of self. Did you know that following a keto diet is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, heal your body and live in great health? It is a research-backed fact that keto diet is one of the ultimate ways to lose weight fast, manage diabetes effectively and possibly prevent conditions such as neurodegenerative illnesses and cancer. However, as more people are adopting the keto lifestyle, there's a lot of really bad information or misinformation out there.