June 19, 2019

Pookie’s Quest: Heathshire Tales

"Pookie's Quest: Heathshire Tales" by Michael Bigge

When a mysterious entity named C'Thoth causes everyone in her village to fall into a deep sleep, Pookie must leave the safety of her home town and venture into the outside world for the first time in her life. With the help of a wizard cat named Lucas and a talking bunny named Fivey she travels the world seeking a way to defeat C'Thoth. Her quest takes her from the mermaid village at the bottom of the ocean to the mountaintop hall of the king of the snow monsters and everywhere in between. Will she be able to find a way to defeat C'Thoth?


June 17, 2019

The New Bible

"The New Bible" by Eloheem Ali

Did you know the human body is more mysterious than the ocean? We know more about the vast mysterious ocean than we know about our own brain. Just think of the possibilities. We have been visited by God so many times, we have forgotten God is special. If the multiverse is real, then everything that is possible exists... If gods are possible, they exist. If love is possible it exists. If you are possible then you exist. And as impossible as you seem, here you are existing and reading this summary. Amazing...


June 16, 2019

How a Housewife Gets Paid As a Youtuber

"How a Housewife Gets Paid As a Youtuber: You can make more money than your husband!" by ApopA Kim

Are you a housewife? If you are a housewife, you have a chance to make money. In the past, housewives had few chances to make money. But now you can make more money on YouTube than your husband. Everything you do on a daily basis (washing, parenting, cooking, cleaning, etc.) will all be your profits. Through this book, you will live a totally different life. Be a YouTuber and tell the world your story, not a YouTube viewer.


June 16, 2019

The Descent of the Phoenix

"The Descent of the Phoenix" by Morgan Cooper

Aschyllia often skipped doing her chores around the farm to play with her best friend, but getting caught up in a conflict between warring siblings wasn't part of the lazy day she had planned when she sneaked out of her grandfather's house one morning. When, after searching for her friend, the girl finds Kalia and her baby hiding in a forest near her home, Aschyllia tries to do the right thing and lend them aid - and in doing so, makes her friend and herself targets for Kalia's brother, whose grip on power is challenged by his sister's very existence despite her long ago discarding the proof of her birthright, a jewel-adorned phoenix pendant, so that she might live free of her name. With the help of her best friend, faithful canine, and an unexpected guardian, Aschyllia struggles to keep herself safe while aiding Kalia to return home and challenge her brother. But Kalia's brother isn't about to let anyone get in the way of his ambitions, especially not a farm girl and her friends, and Kalia can't even begin to imagine how far her brother is willing to go to cement his grip on power.