June 30, 2019

The Caterer

"The Caterer: How a Cat Survived Richard III" by Rachael Dickzen

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | In 1483 England, the Wars of the Roses continue to rage. After a failed rebellion against King Richard III, rebel Henry Wyatt is thrown into prison, interrogated, tortured, and starved. All looks bleak, until Wyatt befriends a curious cat. Can his new feline friend help him survive the Tower of London? Based on historical records dating back to 1538, The Caterer tells the gripping story of a life-saving friendship in the darkest of circumstances. Stay tuned for more stories from the Cats of History series!


June 28, 2019

Quit Your F*cking Job

"Quit Your F*cking Job: Escape the Great American Hoax and Live Free" by Oliver Trojahn

In Quit Your F*cking Job, Oliver Trojahn shows you that everything you want in life is waiting, but first you need to reject the principles of the American dream, or as he calls it, the great American hoax. Whether your dream is to start a passion business, travel the world, or just have time to stop and smell the roses, the first step is quitting your job and embracing the unconventional. This book shows you how.


June 27, 2019

The Winghunter

"The Winghunter (Sylphae Chronicles)" by L.E. Parr

A short introduction to the Sylphae Chronicles. An old soldier who spent a lifetime fighting the winged sylphae faces a new destiny where the enemy becomes friend.

About the Author

L.E.Parr is a fantasy author from the Pacific Northwest. Her friends call her the Mother of Fairies since her protagonists are often winged women.  The author writes what she likes to read, strong female characters who thrive on adventure.


June 26, 2019

Ranjan and his Many Lives

"Ranjan and his Many Lives" by Prakash Balasubramanian

Gandhi was a jihadi! Was Krishna truly a good friend to Sudama? Where can you find happiness? Can an ordinary man's life be extraordinary? What extraordinary questions to ponder as you fight for your life! Meet Ranjan, as he pauses at the brink of life and death, as his life - both past and present whizzes by. It opens a channel where he begins to receive messages from the cosmos. The tale unfurls with him determining what that special something was, that had determined the course of his life? Will Ranjan have another shot at life with this mystical information from the cosmos? Will the course of his life now change because he has this life changing information? Are the encounters in our life shaped by 'chance' or by 'choice'? “The book is an ocean of knowledge & cannot be read as story book, because anecdotes quoted from Mahabharatha and other epics make one to read most valuable books to understand the significant depictions & holy places like Badrinath and Kedarnath. ….. with huge message of knowledge, integrity, honesty and friendship, which is a rare phenomenon in today’s dynamic world.” -Swaran Singh IAS (Retd)