March 30, 2019

Why Me?

"Why Me? Could your chronic problems be rooted in your past lives?" by Venu Murthy M.K.

| WebsiteYouTube | Know the secret behind your recurring problems, which could be rooted in your past lives. While also having a solid plan of action to resolve them. Come with me on these magical voyages through spacetime or lifetimes--journeying back in time through Regression or going ahead in time through Progression to resolve the unresolved and bring about extraordinary spiritual revival to power mental and physical healing. Captured within the pages of this long-awaited book are the incredibly real-life authentic, accentuated and detailed accounts of breathtaking past life regression therapy sessions which have not only transformed my clients' lives, but mine too as a therapist and are here now to renew yours through step-by-step exercises. On these adventures of consciousness, we will learn to steer the ship of our life towards the harbor of peace, joy, and abundance by unleashing the power of our herculean Superconscious.


March 29, 2019

Remembering Alzheimer’s

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"Remembering Alzheimer's: A Husband Bears Witness to His Wife's Caregiving" by Kevin Lewis

From 2003 through 2014, Kevin's wife Rebecca became and served as the caregiver for her mother who suffered from Alzheimer's. Kevin decided to put into writing the experiences and lessons that marked their journey through those years. It provides personal insights and advice. It also gives the view of a spouse who realized in retrospect what he was blind to and what he would have done differently.


March 29, 2019

Jane Doe

"Jane Doe" by Kay Bruin

Abandonment, abuse, neglect, and murder. These are the words used to describe the life that this 17-year-old girl is trying to escape. After attempting to end her life, in an unfamiliar place, she is admitted to a psychiatric hospital under the name Jane Doe. She must learn to trust Dr. Lance, as she reveals the truth about who she is. Most people will say that you can’t run from your past. For this 17-year-old girl, running seems like the only answer. She struggles to speak of the events that led her to the bridge where she attempted to end her life. After refusing to give her name, the police take her to a nearby hospital where she is admitted under the name Jane Doe. Her fate rests in the hands of one doctor, who is determined to earn her trust and help her overcome what she is so obviously running from. This story is filled with every emotion. A rough upbringing is relatable, but it’s easy for one person to forget just how bad things can get. This story depicts the struggle and hope for escape both physically and mentally.


March 28, 2019

Writing Meditations

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"Writing Meditations: 36 Prompts to Inspire Meditative Writing" by CM Hamilton

Would you like to learn how to use writing as a meditation technique?  “Writing Meditations” combines writing and meditation to encourage creativity and mindful concentration.   Writing meditations are short, focused writing sessions that encourage creativity through mindful, diligent concentration. Such exercises have been used by Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Marie Curie, Winston Churchill, Marcus Aureliusand Abraham Lincoln, and research shows that a writing habit can have significant health benefits and increase productivity. Many of history’s greatest minds spent countless hours writing things that were never meant to be seen by anyone. Scientists like Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, politicians like Benjamin Franklin and Winston Churchill, artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Ernest Hemingway, and historical figures like Marcus Aurelius and Abraham Lincoln all spent considerable time writing to no one but themselves. They understood that the deliberate practice of writing had significant benefits to their creativity, self-awareness, memory, productivity and well-being.