The Moon Hunters: A Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction Adventure
October 11, 2019
Throne of Lies
October 15, 2019

Twin Souls” by Brian Norvaisis

Dyne and Claire have been seeking each other their whole lives without ever knowing why. Having grown up in a world ruled by the worst of humanity, each suspects they have only months to live as they resist a fanatical Order. Already, this Order has erased much of the world’s knowledge while rewriting history, and few remain who dare whisper of a better world.

With a ruthless Matron close to discovering their secrets, Dyne and Claire have to act quickly. The mountain kingdom of Ilevian remains the largest bastion of resistance, led by one of the last Ancients, its borders open to the vast flood of refugees. Its leader has helped reshape the former fiefdom into the sole utopia on the planet, a realm where competition has been transformed into cooperation, and transcendent monks wield the very lifeforce of Creation. Together with the mysterious skin-changing jaguars and raven shamans of the jungles – slowly burning under the zealous Order’s advance – everyone must gather if a better world is to last beyond its infancy.

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