No Pianos, Pets or Foreigners!
June 14, 2020
June 17, 2020

“Promised to You” by Gina Cole

Long ago, in a world beyond the mists…

A tiny sting sends Gwen Ivers running for her epi-pen only to have a magical woman named Eve trap her into a sick game of ‘keep away’. When everything fades away, she slips into another world that seems to come straight from the books–including a knight in shining armor!

Gawain de Grene was shocked at the scantily clad woman that appeared before him. Taking his fealty to heart, he was not about to let some fierce venom spewing wench come between him, his God, or his duty. The Defender of the Poor and Maiden’s Knight is suddenly pledged to the magical Gwen as a gift.

Can a bit of magic, a bond between soulmates, and test of Gawain’s undying loyalty to the crown be too much to overcome? Or will their love create a brand new tale written in the stars?

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