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March 21, 2019
The Reign of the Kingfisher
March 22, 2019

“Polaris” by Timothy Brown

“In a not too distant future, Robert, a producer of second rate films, goes on a journey to Death Valley with his sentient car and robot servant, but his vacation doesn’t go as planned. Polaris is the story of man and machine with a unique twist.”


“A great story about life, death and immortality.” This was a very enjoyable read. The author was really able to bring not only the characters into vivid focus but the feel and look of the environment where it takes place. The story portrayed the importance of family and memories that make a life, even as that life fractures. A real twist at the end. I highly recommend. ~Frank Smith

“Imaginative and haunting” Great concept, great dialogue, great writing, great little science fiction mystery! The main plot twist is a doozy you’ll never see coming. It’s mysterious, funny, grim, haunting, and imaginative, and a couple of revelations will have you stunned. Recommended.~Grimmy

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