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February 17, 2019
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February 20, 2019

“One Night with you” by I.M. Hicks

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Elliott Preston has his life entirely in order, seeing as he’s the CFO to a highly successful architectural firm, and engaged to be married. But after meeting a vivacious dancer by happenstance and offering to drive her home one night, his entire existence suddenly feels less adequate. Fourteen years his junior, Valentina Harris takes him on a whirlwind of events that instantly captures his heart. Elliott drops his fiancé in favor of Valentina as the oddly matched pair begin their lustful and passionate romance. But it doesn’t take long before their love is questioned when Elliott meets her parents. Her mother will stop at nothing to destroy what she views as a repulsive relationship between her innocent daughter and an older predator. And if that wasn’t enough, Valentina has her secrets discovered by Elliott, which ultimately tests their commitment to one another like nothing else they’ve experienced before. That is until they move in together and Valentina begins comprising herself for Elliott while suspecting that he’s harbouring dark secrets from her. Secrets that if are uncovered to be true, have the potential of destroying their relationship for good.

Readers will fall in love all over again with the incredible Player Series created by I.M. Hicks. Readers will have no shortage of drama, scandal, romance and steaminess in the 6th full-length installment, One Night with you.

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