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May 29, 2019
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June 1, 2019

“Nigerian Brides Academy” by  18 Nigerian QueenMakers and GodMothers

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Nigerian Brides Academy Finishing School for BridesAre you getting married soon with a need to give your happy, loving, stable, romantic and fulfilling marriage dream a Nigerian flair or are you intending to live together in an environment with Nigerian cultural influences? The guidebook, The Nigerian Brides Academy interprets a Warm House, Warm Food and Warm Bed in a Nigerian context for you. Get information today on •Family life, family planning, pregnancy, baby and toddler care•Tips on raising children to strive to be exceptional•Nigerian culture, traditions and relationships with in-laws •Menu planning, recipes and preparation of Nigerian food•Romantic expressions, intimacy & tips for enhancing your love dialogue•Protecting your marriage from outside competing influences of a typical Nigerian background.

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