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June 19, 2019
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June 21, 2019

“Make Cash In Later Life: Part Time Money Making Gigs And Extra Income” by Steven Erlick

Make Extra Income Doing the Thing You Love! Over 50? Second Career? Retirement?

    • Are you living on a fixed income?
    • Would you like to enjoy more of what life has to offer in your later years?
  • Do you want to make extra money part-time, doing something you really enjoy?

If so, this is the book for you!

When you read Steven Erlick’s Make Cash In Later Life: Part-Time Money Making Gigs, you’ll discover a wealth of brilliant money-making ideas. Steven helps you understand the vast array of benefits of part-time work and why you should keep working. He leads you through the process of evaluating the many opportunities available to you and helps you choose the part-time job that best suits your talents and lifestyle.

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