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“Ask and you are given: Realizes what you want with the last law of attraction” by Matt J. Tomasi

If you want to get the most out of life, keep reading…

Human desires are infinite, and life seems not poised to grant all of them as we are always asking for what life can offer us. While this isn’t bad in the real sense, only a few people get the most out of life. The majority that does not achieve their dreams either fail to prioritize or fail follow the tide of life.

Or do you think your wildest dreams come true on a platter of gold? Or how do you claim to have something which you do not have? Or create a fictional experience of enjoying your desires? Do you think that is irrational?

Every human being has an innate ability to create their experience and reality. This is by being aware of your thoughts, align them with your desires, and living them out on a daily basis. The reality you create is all yours – and whatever you create (for) yourself. It is not the case that it is impossible to receive all you ask for, but, many people have developed a strong resistance to what life offers. The moment you speak about anything you desire, it gets transmitted to the Source. All you require to do is to position yourself into receiving it.

This book exposes you to the “tricks” behind making the last Law of Attraction work for you. Not only that, but you also get answers to the following questions:

  • How well does the Law work?
  • What are the likely achievements of the system?
  • What makes it “mysterious”?
  • How do you place yourself in line with the offerings by the Source based on your demands or desires?
  • How does your thought attract a matching signal?

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