November 25, 2019
Shattered 2
November 30, 2019

“A Star to Dyllis” by G.L. Bell

A seemingly perfect high school student, and her persistent stalker. A former delinquent. A wallflower. A policeman with an odd sense of justice. A sullen teacher. And then in comes a self-proclaimed dimension-sliding Observer. The Observer’s task? To fix an anomaly that is causing tears in the fabric of reality. What exactly is happening in this small, perfect town?

Dyllis Diarmaid is aware of how people perceive her. In Perfect, there is no one more revered and admired than Dyllis Diarmaid. Her peers look up to her. Her teachers adore her. However, Dyllis’ world begins to warp when she finds herself at the hands of a stalker. Then, a fellow student disappears.

Truly Davidson is a friend of Lily Briar, the disappeared student. She’s intrigued by Dyllis, but when her friend’s life is at stake, it’s time to go beyond the face to get some answers. They work together to identify the stalker who is closer to home than they imagine.

In comes the Strings of the Universes and a self-proclaimed Observer. Task: find the anomaly.
Every link points back to Dyllis, prompting her to confront sides of herself she never thought would come into existence.

With bounty hunters on their heels, it’s an out-of-body experience in a world connected by Strings – one tangle could unravel the entire fabric of the Universe.

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